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Name:240 controller
240 controller

DMX512/1990 standard, 240 DMX channels, 2 output with optical isolated.
Up to 15 intelligent Fixtures may be connected with a maximum of 16 channels each.
16-bit X/Y control for absolutely precise movement.
The X/Y channel of different intelligent Fixtures can be controlled by modulation Wheel.
Shape track control is provided to control such effects as circles, lines and shapes like 8, etc.
30 chases, up to 100 steps each. Trigger mode selectable: Music synchronously, auto, manual speed.
8 chases, 30 scenes operated at the same time. At most 15 intelligent Fixtures can be selected simultaneously.
Flash card slot is provided. Each flash card has 3 file areas, each file area can record the whole data of controller,
15 MACRO, running combination of different manual、scene and chase can be recorded to the MACRO,
LCD display with backlight.
Power supply: AC 90-250V / 50-60Hz
Size: 485mm x 267mm x 85mm

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