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Name:XLR wireless DMX512 transceiver
XLR wireless DMX512 transceiver

1. Transmitting/receiving standard DMX512 protocol data of console,and the master-slaver on line signal of the same kind of lighting each other.
2. Single key to operate,tricolor LED indicator.
    The LED indicator bright:No DMX or wireless signal.
    Red LED flash:Transmitting.
    Green LED flash:Receiving
3. 126 frequencies band, FH design, and frequency-hopping synchronization automatically.
4. 7 groups ID code to set these different wireless nets without any interfere each other in the same place.
5. Input voltage:12VDC 500mA min.
6. Communication distance:500m(visible distance)
7. Max transmitting power:20dBm
8. Receiver sensitive:-94dBm
9. Signal socket:3/5pin male XLR.

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