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Theater Stage Lighting Configuration
Theater stage, there are a variety of stage, there is general frame-style stage, there is an extended stage, there are island-style stage, but also known as the black box stage, because the stage different forms, so the lamp configuration requirements are also different. The sake of convenience I am here to talk about an ordinary picture frame-style stage, this stage, whether in the past or is now building and upgrading more than the theater, so to say on this stage, lighting configuration is even more are in desperate need and necessary.
Stage (means frame-style stage, later in the same in both) the repertoire performed by the different demands of the lamp will be different. So we must be equipped with lighting to make it clear before this stage as to what kind of repertoire performed mainly so that there will be more configuration lamps clear goals and intentions. If the positioning of the stage to perform a traditional opera, ballet-based, then the lighting layouts must be opera, ballet demands to configure. As in the large-scale song and dance, miscellaneous ashamed, and other special programs are mainly outside lighting addition to the basic requirement to configure should be based on specific program requirements, to add to the special configuration of lights and lamps, so that in this narrative is more difficult to clear. So Im here just to talk about the basic stage lighting theater configuration, according to such a configuration, Jiang meet the general, such as opera, ballet, ballet, drama, Peking Opera and other local theater requirements.

Lamps in the configuration before, we should first understand the types of lamps and their main functions and uses. Here I brief the performance of a number of lamps for lighting options to configure the current situation.

1. Spotlight - with the spotlight on the stage is the light in front in terms of the use of convex condenser lens, this lamp can be adjusted spot size, more concentrated beam out of music, next to the diffuse light is relatively small, with 0.5W power to 5KW a variety of focal length with long, medium, short of points, depending on the distance from the fire needs to be selected according to.
2. Rib lights - also known as soft light, but in television claimed that such a light as a spotlight. On the stage with respect to the distinction between the above-mentioned convex spotlight casual and soft, so use them diffuse large regional, sometimes in order to control the diffusion of light in the mirror over the block to be added before the title page, which is characterized by light area, it is not like poly - Le Light spot obvious sense, shooting from close, power has 1KW, 2KW etc..
3. Back to the Light - in front of such a lamp without lens, the light totally * a large mirror behind the injection, with the same 2KW light bulbs, the brightness should be brighter than the spotlight, so the strong performance on the stage to be used when the light source and brightness. The effect is better than the other lamps, characterized by a strong beam, but the dimming when attention to its focal point, not the focal point emphasis on the color paper or a curtain, so that easily lead to burn, another in the dimming when the center often appear black heart , in order to avoid black-hearted, in the light front center plus a ring baffle, which emitted large and difficult to spot Shoulong. Now the new out of a bowl in the reflective coating on the outside to make back-line transmission in order to reduce the light in front of the temperature, the use of a good effect, known as a super cold light spotlight, the actual structure of the light back to the same light.
4. Imaging light - also known as molding lights, ellipsoid spotlight. The beam angle can choose a variety of applications, the main feature is able to spot such as the slide-like cut into square, diamond, triangle and other shapes, or various kinds of patterns projected the required pattern, the power also has 1KW, 2KW, etc., Select Configure.
5. Jane Light - also known as PAR lamps, or light beam, its structure is a cylinder mounted mirror by reflecting light bulb is also useful bowl bromine tungsten bulbs, mainly characterized by injection over a fixed beam, the beam width a variety of angles, spot size can not be adjusted.
6. Days row lights - high-power astigmatism lights, the downward radiation from the canopy to use, require bright, balanced exposure to large area.
7. Ground row lights - high-power astigmatism lights, used on the stage surface, and Atrium, the lower part of upward exposure, and the days of light exposure lamp row after another, up and down evenly.
8. Astigmatism of light - a long strip, is divided into multiple cells, is generally divided into three or four colors, each grid with the power of incandescent bulbs in the 200W or so, require a variety of colors from the uniform phase to carry out large-scale exposure to the use of curtains or painted screen also can be used as a large area of light with a balanced shop, various colors light also can be used simultaneously, adjusting different color beams.
9. General astigmatism lights - such as iodine-tungsten lamp, and the general floodlights, mainly evenly illuminate a particular region, or some set purpose.

The above lamp, general stage lighting used in the basic, but different forms of performing repertoire also configure other types of lamps. In addition to basic lighting such as singing and dancing party outside the extensive use of lamp, computer lamp, tube lamp, to plate lights, a variety of effects lighting, they can even configure the smoke device, dry ice machines, strobe, laser and projection slide, as well as supporting the use of After the vote for the use of light, and reduce light spots, and special seamless plastic curtain, and so, in this example is not a 11.

Stage lighting configurations to stage extraoral mouth as the boundary points, and stage in the mouth of two parts:

First, stage general sub-surface extraoral light, ears, packet box (balcony), long-distance chase-ray room.
1. Surface light according to the size of the stage theater, it has set a side light, two surface light, or even three surface light. Light planes configuration should be based on the distance of the different configurations in different sets from the spotlight, imaging light, its power should be more than 2KW. The first surface light from the mouth closer to Taiwan, but also can be added with some of the rib 2KW light, back light. A surface light, and two surface light on the left, middle, and right location should be added to configure the appropriate focal length, power, suitable for chasing light lamps, you can catch light from the officers to control its own separate brightness and change color and so on.
2. Slap in the face in Taiwan, I set the left and right symmetry, according to the size of the stage theater, slap in the face on each side can be installed one or two, configure lamps, in order to spotlight the main, you can configure the image a small amount of light, rib lights, because the slap in the face * Auditorium side wall very close to the use of rib lamps, the diffuse light is often close to the wall according to a very bright office, affecting the atmosphere of some scenes, it should use less is better. Every slap in the face about to be set up chasing the light for the chasing light set of the arbitrary control effect.
3. Feet light generally in Taiwan extraoral * Lok pool, set foot bad light, built-in four dispersion strip light, color separation control, its length slightly less than the width of the Taiwan population.
4. Long-distance chasing ray room, generally around the back of the auditorium set up an inner configuration of gas discharge lamps such as xenon lamp, all controlled by the chasing light personnel to operate, if they can not set up specific recovery-ray room is often the right and left in the gallery chasing after the light lights are located.
5. Box (balcony) light, then the situation can be under the theater in the box (balcony) Left, middle, right at, set up lights spotlights a number of configurations, such as the conditions do not permit, it may not set up.

Second, the general sub-station in the mouth piece off Taiwan port side (left and right column light), I was finally scheduled to leave Taiwan (a suspension bridge), two, three, four, five, days row, to row, left and right movement, left and right side light (about hanging cage), a hanging cage, two hoists, 3 hoists, four hoists, five hoists, etc., according to the size of the stage, some facilities would be less, such as the top light is necessary according to the stage depth, with a few scenic spots to determine the appropriate distribution. About Side light (cage), but also according to the size of the stage, or even how much investment to consider installing it or not. Some stage in the days after the stage or behind the scenes there is an anti-light requirements, which is based also on the size of the stage, investment, and major performances to consider what kind of repertoire and, if possible, of course, the configuration of lighting should also be planned, for supporting the use of.
1. Leave Taiwan port side piece (left column light) configuration spotlight, rib lamp, Spot Light, a small amount of imaging light, except in special, in general, symmetrical.
2. I was finally scheduled to leave Taiwan (a suspension bridge) configuration astigmatism of lights, spotlights, rib light, image light, and recovery of light.
3. Two optical configuration astigmatism of lights, spotlights, rib lamp, down light.
4. Three light configuration astigmatism of lights, spotlights, rib light, back light lamps, down light.
5. Four optical configuration astigmatism of lights, spotlights, rib light, back light lamps, down light.
6. 5 optical configuration astigmatism of lights, spotlights, rib light, back light lamps, down light.
7. Pai Pai light days to configure days.
8. Row to row configurations ground lights.
9. Flow profile flow with lighthouse, spotlight, rib light, plain light and so on.
10. About Side light (light hanging cage) configuration spotlight, rib light, image light, back light.
Some indoor theater roof light can not configure the astigmatism of light, while the use of iodine into the rows of tungsten lamps used astigmatism.

Lighting the way to configure and can be changed as needed, but should consider a variety of lighting performance. That it will fully perform their functions for our own use, to do its best.

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