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Stage lighting common sense
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According to different requirements of lamps and lanterns performance play is also different. This stage of the basic configuration of lamps and lanterns is refers to the basic can meet the general opera, ballet, ballet, drama, theatrical performances such as local needs. Canister light, also known as R P lamp its structure is A specular light bulb installed within the cylinder or bromine tungsten lamp installed within the reflective bowl, main characteristic is to be able to penetrate the fixed beam, beam Angle width of the light spot size can't regulate; Day line of light, discharge lamp high-power astigmatism lamp to illuminate awning with up and down, light and balanced, large exposure area:

Imaging light or model light, ellipsoid, spotlight, there are a number of its beam Angle, can choose according to need to apply, can main feature is that, like the slideshow will flare cut into square, diamond, three Angle, such as shape, or all kinds of casting design decorative pattern, also have 1 K W, 2 K W, can choose the configuration; Less and less of the spotlight and application, with the spotlights on the stage is to point to in front of the lamp use flat convex condenser, this kind of lamps and lanterns can to adjust the light spot size. Out of the beam is focused, next to the diffuse light is small. Power is 0. 5 W - 5 K W. A variety of focal length can be short, medium and long. Guangzhou stage lighting equipment could be selected by depending on the target range of on-demand. Stage light more bright light is given priority to with point light source. With a different color. In order to achieve various visual effects. Stage light first, respect for the human eye, which give full consideration to the viewing habits of people, on the basis of model.


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