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Bar Scheme

At the end of the last century to the beginning of this century, in the domestic economy developed, some white-collar workers gradually no longer love to those that are too noisy disco, and too quiet traditionalbar vent depressed in not daring to work. Canny operator begins to change the business model, then, between love and traditional pub rock bars will emerge as the times require, and quickly swept the country, became one of the most fashionable entertainment at present. Refers to a slow rock music bar, a new concept is just the rise of the bar, the audience is located in the performance area around, sound and lighting effects in the side; both can enjoy the stage show, also can be in their seat area amuse oneself. It's between the style between the pure bar and DISCO dance, music can keep warm passion, and eliminate noise. Manyao bar has its distinct characteristics: refined decoration, music, brand drinks, site DJ, exotic atmosphere

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